Yin & Restorative
JAN 29, 9 - 10 am PDT
Sliding-scale Pricing

This is a slow-paced and quiet class where most of the poses will be done seated or laying down. If props such as blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters are available, we will use them all :) In the Yin portion of the practice, we will hold a pose for 3-5 minutes to stretch the body and also find ease and calmness at the same time. Yin yoga is a form of long hold stretch that brings stimulation to the fascia and joints of the body through holding postures and utilizing props to help hold the body in an intense yet stable position. In the Restorative portion of the practice, we will hold the pose for about 5 minutes. Our bodies will be helped by props so we can completely relax, let go, and melt away.

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