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💕🌿How Fertility Awareness Method changed my life💕🌿

By Reika Yoga

WED MAR 09, 2022

This may sound overly dramatic but the Fertility Awareness Method really changed my life. It all started when I began to pay closer attention to the food I was eating when I was experiencing bad eczema on my face. At the time I was living in South Africa while finishing my master's degree. When I started to pay attention to what I was putting into my body, naturally I started to question the birth control (BC) pills that I was taking every day, and I made the decision to stop taking hormonal BC because I wanted to see what my body would be like in its natural state. Thus 2013 was the last time I used hormonal birth control.

Fast-forward to 2014, when I decided to use a copper IUD as my preferred birth control method because that was the only non-hormonal method I could find. A few years later I started to have a negative reaction to the copper IUD and decided that I needed to remove this foreign material from my body. After the failure with a copper IUD, I felt lost because I still did not want to use hormonal BC anymore, and a copper IUD was not an option for me. I did not know what other BC method I could safely use. After many wasted hours getting lost down myriad online rabbit holes, I finally came across the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). It felt too good to be true, a natural BC method with no side effects?! I thought there was no way that it could actually work. So I needed to learn more about this revolutionary methodology.

I applied the academic research skills acquired during my master’s degree program to learn as much as I could about FAM. I read books and research papers, followed various personal blogs, listened to hundreds of podcasts, and eventually taught myself FAM. At first, I was ANGRY. Why hadn’t I been taught this when I was younger? Why don’t schools teach young women how their bodies work? How come no one ever mentioned the possible side effects of using hormonal BC? It should have been our right to know. Everyone needs this information to make an informed choice regarding their reproductive health.

Then the anger transformed into gratitude and then evolved into EMPOWERMENT. I was grateful that NOW I had this knowledge, I was grateful that my body was synthetic hormone-free. I felt empowered to be using FAM and to finally gain a deeper understanding of my body. I found that I was able to COMMUNICATE with my body; to appreciate and LOVE my body. I can now live in SYNC with my body's natural rhythms, i.e. the rhythms of nature, the rhythms of the moon, the rhythms of seasons, and I was no longer dependent on dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Today I can't even imagine who I would be without FAM. Because learning FAM was such a pivotal moment in my life I decided to become a Fertility Awareness Educator. Now I can teach this exciting method to others who want to learn.