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Yoga for Fertility – Yoga Teacher Training

By Reika Yoga

THU APR 28, 2022

In April I took a Level 1 – “Yoga for Fertility” – Yoga teacher training course taught by Lynn Jensen. At present I am also training to become a Fertility Awareness Educator, thus I would love to merge yoga and fertility in my future work. I have taken women’s health and yoga training in the past, but the training I did with Lynn felt more comprehensive, practical, and informative. Lynn has had many years of experience teaching “Yoga for Fertility” classes in her community and she brought an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to this training course.

Disclaimer: Not only do I not have any children, but I have never tried to have children at any time in my life. Therefore I have not experienced the challenges, pain, grief, and/or difficulties that most people who tend to show up for this type of yoga class may have undergone. Consequently, I am not sure if I would be the right person to teach a Yoga for Fertility Class, but, nonetheless, I learned so much from this training.

So you might be wondering, how exactly can yoga help with fertility? From this training, I learned that yoga that is focused specifically on fertility and taught by an experienced teacher can do the following:

• Increases energy and blood flow, as well as stimulates the reproductive system, especially the heart, and pelvic areas focusing on the ovaries and uterus.

• Supports and helps to regulate the endocrine system for healthy balance of hormones.

• Helps reduce stress or helps with stress-management

• Adapts yoga poses according to the phase of the monthly cycle that you are in

• And much more!

For someone trying to conceive there are certain poses that are very beneficial for a particular phase of the cycle, and there are also certain specific poses that are contraindicative for a particular phase of the cycle. For example, ‘legs up the wall’ is a wonderful option as the final resting poses for someone who is trying to conceive unless that person is menstruating at the time of class. In that situation it is best for the student to do the final resting pose in supported Supta Badha Konasana: laying down with soles of your feet together, knees opening wide with blankets under the knees (shown in picture below). Another example for those who are trying to conceive, deep twisting poses are ok if you are in the follicular phase (pre-ovulation) of the cycle, but during the luteal phase (post-ovulation), deep twists are not recommended, though mild and gentle twists are fine (shown in the picture below).

I am very excited about taking the Yoga for Fertility --Teacher Training --Level 2 in June. In the second level we will learn about working with students with PCOS, endometriosis, or who are going through IVF treatments. I look forward to learning more about how yoga can help with a person’s fertility journey and general hormonal health.