Student Testimonials

“I’ve always found yoga to be intimidating but once I tried Reika’s class the rest was history. Her classes are catered to individuals’ needs and capabilities; her style of teaching is nurturing and engaging. I never have to worry about feeling inadequate when I’m unable to perform certain yoga poses as modifications are always offered. I feel so centered and refreshed after a yoga session with Reika and I attribute that to her shavasana instructions and guidance. ”

— Michelle, Nurse

“I want to thank Reika for the amazing classes. Reika knows how to give us students a challenge as well as being mindful of everybody’s physical capabilities. She is passionate and an amazing yoga instructor. ”

— Ray

“I started taking Reika’s classes for the first time at Yoga 108 and have been a huge fan since! I followed her to different studios and other events because I enjoyed her classes so much. She is such a talented instructor - who can teach different types of yoga - from accessible to ashtanga and vinyasa flows. Because of her varied knowledge of different types of yoga, she is also very mindful of people’s anatomy. She encourages her students to find their own practice and emphasizes the differences in everyone’s bodies! she also has a calming energy that leaves you lighter and more balanced. She encourages you during class and offers hands-on adjustments. She breaks down the poses so that students know what to expect - how one’s body would move with certain poses so that we can benefit the most.

My practice has evolved so much with Reika’s help. I feel stronger and more balanced! Thank you, Reika!”

— Sunny

“I consider myself lucky to have happened upon Reika. Her classes are thoughtfully based on the essence of yoga principles encouraging the student to connect internally and not be distracted externally with meandering sequences and dialogue. Her cues are a perfect example of saying more with less and at the perfect pace with perfect timing. Most of all, the inspired passion of her beautiful soul is ever-present. She is a student of the eight limbs and more than asana alone, she is the real deal.”

— Max, Musician

“My favorite yoga instructor! I started taking Reika’s classes at Cyclehaus and immediately fell in love with her teaching style. So much so that I’ve gone to other studios where she teaches since. She has a beautiful energy that makes you enjoy spending time with her in class and outside of it. She always changes up the sesions so it’s never boring and you can tell that she loves teaching. She’s a great instructor if you’re new to yoga and keeps it challenging if you’ve been doing it for awhile, too.”

— Nicole, Entrepreneur

“Reika is genuine in her intention when leading you through yoga. She had a big part in the start of my yoga journey and continues to be! She challenges me physically yet mindfully. She’s so supportive and patient when encouraging you to try poses that might be intimidating to you. Even after working a night shift, I try my best to make it to her class because I always leave feeling stronger from the inside out. She’s the type of person that knows how to bring what she’s learned -not only as a yogi, but as a person who comes from different cultural backgrounds and who’s avidly traveled- to the mat where you can benefit from it too. I am grateful to be able to share this practice with her!”

— Jenn, Nurse

“I LOVE Reika’s sequences and the meaning she put behind everything (effort & ease, challenging yourself vs. listening to your body, etc). It had been about 6 years since attending a formal yoga class when I started doing Reika’s virtual zoom classes, and I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me get my love of yoga & my love for my body back.”

— Sammi deJong

“I have practiced with many yoga instructors, few have the sattvic quality like Reika’s practice does. Reika is definitely a world-class yoga instructor. Her love of the trade manifests in her deep understanding and well-executed instructions during our practice together. ”

— Shawn

“Reika’s instructional style works so well for me. In the past, I’ve felt alienated and discouraged practicing yoga. I really appreciate how Reika is intentionally inclusive and consistently reminding us that yoga is not about looking a certain way, or performing a rigid set of moves, but that everyone has their own unique set of limitations and challenges. Being able to do yoga at home has helped me especially during these uncertain times. What an amazing age we are living in that we can connect in this way!”

— Chad